Does your IT spend fluctuate all the time? Reach out below and learn how to normalize your IT spend with predictable, all-inclusive pricing. Now you can budget appropriately for growth!

Consistent & Simple Monthly Pricing

With Peterson Technology Group, it's never a challenge to understand your monthly IT spend.  Budgeting for growth is simple! There are never any out-of-scope labor fees, so you can rest assured that all labor is always covered within our truly flat-rate monthly pricing. We provide the highest quality IT service in the industry because our goal is to keep your network running at top efficiency. Not only does our simple pricing help you understand how to budget, it also gives you a transparent view of exactly what you're paying for.

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What Our Clients Say

It is too expensive not to choose Peterson

Don’t hesitate if you are considering hiring Peterson Technology.  We have been through our share of IT companies.  Some do not answer the phone, some show up days later.  It is not worth the down time.  I feel very comfortable knowing our computer needs are covered.  Compared to other IT companies, turnaround time is better and communication is outstanding.  I always get an answer.

April Owner

Our trusted technology partner.

PTG has worked hard to gain our trust.  Their team gives us great peace of mind. They are our technology experts and the one resource we use for our IT needs.

Nothing gets forgotten, lost, or missed.

Andy Owner

I put my trust in Peterson!

We have a trusted partner in PTG. Everyone is responsive, respectful, and very kind. Their work is phenomenal and we have a great relationship with them.

PTG takes care of our technology needs and makes my life really easy.

Nolan Owner

Quality and business integrity matters. Peterson has both.

I really appreciate Peterson’s proactive stance.  We don’t have to figure out what we might need.  They give us recommendations that we can either accept, decline, or postpone.  I like that they have real, live tech support.

Bill Haight President
Magna Publications

We rely on PTG’s service and support.  I trust them.

The biggest benefit to having PTG manage our network is the response time.  When I call or open a ticket, I know they are working on it.  PTG allows enough time to discuss questions or issues, and their follow up documentation and training is priceless!  I have learned a lot from them over the years.

The staff at PTG are experts and they follow through.  No matter how many times I ask the same question, they take the time to give an educated and honest answer until I understand.

Information Systems Analyst Wisconsin County

Acts In Our Best Interest

Peterson is the one resource we use for all our IT needs and requests.  Nothing gets forgotten, lost or missed.  The PTG team has the breadth of experience to take care of our problems.  They have a support desk that handles all our IT needs and requests.

PTG helps us implement ways for our business to be more efficient and our data secure and protected.

Joseph Muenich Office Manager

PTG keeps our network secure

PTG is reliable, knowledgeable, and approachable.  They are available for any network questions you have.

Karen Thuli IS Coordinator
Upland Hills Health

PTG excels in Planning!

PTG is a champion at assessing your needs and creating a design that exceeds your requirements.  Their staff is thorough and completes their work on schedule.  I have signed them up as our “vendor of choice” and have no doubts that I have made the right decision.

Fred Gluck IT Manager
Blackhawk Church